Tattoo After Care: Treating Your Tattoo

1. Take bandage off in one hour and wash well with antibacterial soap (Dial Liquid), rinse and pat dry. DO NOT WIPE DRY!!

2. Let air dry for a few minutes then apply a thin layer of "H2Ocean Tattoo Aftercare Foam". Rub in thoroughly then let air dry.

3. At night before bed, repeat steps 1 and 2 for the first 3 nights. In the morning, repeat steps 1 and 2.

4. Follow these steps 3 to 4 times daily for 5 to 7 days, and then switch to a fragrance free lotion (Lubriderm).

5. If your tattoo itches, DO NOT pick, scratch, or touch it AT ALL!! DO NOT soak in tubs, spas, pools, etc... DO NOT use tanning beds or tan until completely healed. You can gently slap your Tattoo to relieve the itchyness. After tattoo heals use SPF 40 sunscreen or better.

6. Listen to me. This is what it takes to have a nice healed tattoo. An artist can make a tattoo look as good as they can. It is then up to you to keep it that way. 5 to 7 days is nothing compared to how long you�ll have your tattoo, SO TAKE CARE OF IT!!

Piercing After Care: Treating Your Piercing

How does it work? Using H20cean is the most effective way to cleanse and heal new piercing. If used 3 to 6 time per day, H20cean Piercing Aftercare Spray will help remove dried discharge and lymph secretions safely, and may help reduce lumps and scar tissue. It will also help relieve itching and can increase circulation to the piercing.

Directions:Apply as needed to the affected areas (recommended use 3-6 times per day). Ingredients: Deionized, Reverse Osmosis Filtered Water, Coral Reef Sea Salt, Lysozyme, Sodium Benzoate.

Treating Your Oral Piercing with Mouth Rinse

How does it work? Arctic Ocean Rinse is the first daily oral rinse which uses sea salt and natural enzymes to help cleanse and heal mouth irritations. Formulated with over 80 trace elements and minerals to promote gum tissue growth, treat sore gums and help eliminate mouth infections.

Directions: Use twice daily (or as directed). One squirt inside mouth, vigorously swish for 30 seconds then spit out. DO NOT SWALLOW.

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