The Healing Art Foundation that is very close to our heart here at Tatdude. Healing Art is dedicated to the Memory of our loving cousin Monica Terrazas. Monica is a important part of our lives and we couldn't think of a better way to honor her.

The Healing Art Foundation was started to put Tattoo artist together with some very strong women and men who just might need a little art in there lives. We have seen Tattoos heal the heart and soul. Women and men are beautiful from the inside out but sometimes in life you need something to remind yourself just how beautiful you truly are, Tattoos do this.

Tatdude has got some of the most talented artist in the world that are willing to donate their time and talent to help these breast cancer survivors enjoy wearing the beautiful art they create.

Save the Boobies, Art for a Cure, Healing Art Foundation, Tatdude and Bettie Boob Merchandise, Proceeds Benefit Healing Art Foundation


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If you would like to Purchase Healing Art Foundation Merchdise If you are interested in being part of this wonderful program or would like to make a donation for "Art for a Cure"™ please contact us at
Tatdude has started The Healing Art Foundation to help with the fight against breast cancer by Raising funds for "Art for a Cure"™. Tatdude started this foundation which is called "Healing Art Foundation" which brings together some of the most talented tattooist in the world to help survivors of breast cancer deal with something that has changed their lives. We have learned from personal experience that self esteem is a huge part of recovery. So we would love to add art to someone who just might need to be reminded that they are beautiful in every way. These Tattooist are not only the Best, they also have Heart!
Jeremiah Barba
Magic Mike Esparza RIP

These Tattooist are donating their time and talent just to make someone happy. Tatdude is proud to announce Our members of Healing Art Foundation...Jeremiah Barba of Outer Limits Tattoo & Piercing in Orange, CA and Magic Mike of Body Illusions Tattoo in Whittier, CA. If your into Tattoos you know why these Tattooist are a HUGE addition's to the Tatdude Family.

Jeremiah Barba and Magic Mike have the heart and the talent that this program was intended for and I would just like to say "Thank you to both of you" from Al and France founders of Tatdude. Also to some of our others...


We are very happy to introduce you to Bob Roughton, he has just joined the Healing Art Foundation and we couldn't be happier. Bob is a very colorful and vivid Tattoo Artist. Please check out his work in our Gallery. Bob is a great addition to the Healing Art Foundation. Bob tattooed my "Apple of my Eye" along with Skankman tattoo on Al "Tatdude" , both are shown in Bob's Gallery.
Bob and son Kia