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Oct 15-16 , 2005

Bakersfield Tattoo Expo

Bakersfield, CA• Kern County Fairgrounds

Here you will find a wide variety of Rockin' Bands. We will feature ass kickin' bands like Korn, Staind and even cool shit by Social D. Music Rocks it isn't limited to one style, just like ink, It's all Good!

Here you will find some of the coolest links around! Places to kick it at, off the wall stuff, along with the funniest things you ever seen! We will keep it happen with fun stuff. If you would like to add a link send it to
Don't forget the Kittens, cheesecake, hotties you know, The lovely Ladies! loves the beautiful women so we will bring you all the Hotties you can handle. And of course if you want to show off your Kitten, just download the release and e-mail it back with a photo to

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