Owner / Tattooist Franco Vescovi is one of the best and he also is a devoted HAF member. Franco can be found at El Toro InkHouse in Lake Forrest, CA.
France Founder of Tatdude and the Healing Art Foundation will be deplaying her work on NaughtyBettie.com, go check it out.

Check out Capt. Dave's Gallery which features some of his vivid work. He does really nice work and is full of talent.

Vintage Tattoo and Piercing is one of the best shops to visit. Baba the Owner/ Tattooist is one of the Coolest person to work with and the whole crew is the same way. Please check out his art and shop.

Save the Boobies, Art for a Cure, Healing Art Foundation, Tatdude and Bettie Boob Merchandise, Proceeds Benefit Healing Art Foundation


If you would like more info Please contact .

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Magic Mike Owner/Tattoo Artist of Body Illusions Tattoos & Body Piercing in Whittier, California. In Loving Memory for MY BEST FRIEND, who was murdered in his own shop . We will LOVE & MISS MAGIC FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tattoo by: Paul Booth
Sage of Urban Art Tattoo has some amazing work please check it out. He happens to be a really cool cat too.

.Kat is one amazing artists and the nicest person you'll ever meet. Please check out her work. I am proud so be her friend and canvas.
Check out Oliver Peck of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas Texas. Oliver is a great artist and a cool kat.
Tattoo by: Eric at Modern Ink Tattoo
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