Here is your chance to show off all your hard work! All those busted knuckles, greasey hands, runs to the parts stores are all worth it when your cruising down the road and you are the king of the road, because you have one bad ride! So please send us a picture of your ride.

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This 54 Chevy was custom built by a really good friend of ours who is too shy to be mentioned. This car took 2 years to build. It's powered by a 400 small block with a turbo 400 trans. This ride also has air suspension.

Can you figure out what is different about this 54 Chevy?

This 54 caddy fleetwood has 1960 buick super front ends, shaved, nosed, decked, hoodline removed, nose peaked, 20s, bags, tribal flames in primer and is a daily driver.
This was sent in to us by micah a visitor to our site. For more info on this custom car please click on these pictures.
Send info about you and your ride, come on don't be shy. You know you drive around the block over and over because there is a mirrored building on the corner that you just have to keep driving by to see how cool you look driving, your ride! Send info to